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Eubanks Coffee Company

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Eubanks Coffee Company was founded in Tontitown, Arkansas by Trish & Joe Eubanks and is a subsidiary of Zipnova LLC. Zipnova LLC currently holds licensing over NWA Coin Supply and Trish's Fresh Roasted Coffee. 

Trish's Coffee is roasted in a Home(Property) based location and complies with all applicable laws within the State of Arkansas' Food Freedom Act. We take safety very seriously and operate with a high standard of compliance. 

A letter from Trish

Trish's Fresh Roasted Coffee Offers great tasting specialty coffees. With delicious Blends and single origin coffees, we offer a variety of flavors to choose from. We also offer limited time high quality flavor blends. You can find those here!

First, I want to thank all of you for the outpouring of support as I ventured in to coffee roasting. It really is a dream come true to work within a space that I have been passionate about for decades. I love coffee! Friends, Family, Lucky's,  - The support has been amazing and thank you for the opportunity to serve my passion to you. Thank you for all of the stellar reviews and Kind words. 

Trish Eubanks
Owner Zipnova LLC
Eubanks Coffee Company 

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